Rich guys, successful internet businessmen, Money Twitter chads, Tinder players, conservatives, MAGAbros, politically incorrect accounts, and all non-soy men:

You’re in danger.

Here’s why the new government, corporations, big tech, and even your neighbors are out to get you.

Look. Here's the truth.

The internet and society at large are no longer friendly to successful, achieving, rich men. If you’re a T supporter, a conservative, or just plain against the norm, even worse.

If you’re any of the above, you’re being targeted without even realizing it.

One wrong move or opinion could completely ruin your life.

Successful guys are continuously targeted for their money (More on this below).
Cancel culture ruins lives every day.
People get fired from their jobs for having the wrong opinion.
Innocent guys get a fake #MeToo from vindictive females, permanently ruining reputations, job future, and even lives entirely.
Angry, sociopathic social justice terrorists disguised as activists doxx and harass entire families for mildly questioning the mainstream narrative.

And they are not alone. In fact, they are 100% backed by the most gigantic, most powerful titans in the world:

Entire corporations across all industries.

Authoritarian international governments.

The entirety of Big Tech and psycho technocrats.

From Coca - Cola to JP Morgan, to Airlines, to Uber, to almost any company you can think of.

From the new (And illegitimate) Democratic presidency to dystopian regimes of Canada, the UK, and Australia, whose repression efforts are straight out of an African warlord dictator's playbook.


Netflix and its questionable shows.Facebook and its fake news algorithm that portrays propaganda as truth and facts as hate speech.Twitter and its rampant suppression of everyone that isn't a liberal.Amazon prying into your home and weaponizing your very own thoughts against you.

If you don't see the issue with this, let me put it this way:

Governments want you arrested and punished for not conforming to the mainstream (Think about how almost no BLM people were arrested but tweeting about the Capitol riots got people targeted by the FBI).
Corporations and advertising companies want to strip your entire life naked and whore you out to companies to sell you more stuff. Ever talked about something and then got an ad for it? That's one of the dozen of sneaky ways Amazon and plenty of others invade your privacy for profit.
Big tech wants you brainwashed, gagged, and stupidized, so you're easier to manipulate.

Don't get me started on the average "normie".

The average normie is jealous, toxic, envious, and probably votes left. If you're successful in life and business, the average person can be just as dangerous of an enemy as the monstrous institutions mentioned above.

You can get robbed at gunpoint if you flaunt wealth at the wrong time.
Harassed or attacked for owning a red cap with white letters.
Attract plenty of low-quality people into your life, such as lawsuit lovers, gold diggers, fake friends, #MeToo girls.
And many others that will happily make your life miserable for profit.

The point of all of this is that they don't want you to be successful, they don't want you to have freedom, they don't want you to live your life the way you want to.

There are two kinds of people that are knowledgeable in this information:

Criminals and billionaires. They both need to stay under the radar because their safety depends on it.

If you're reading this you might be built different - And the world hates that.

And now, yours too - Because you can get attacked on multiple various fronts, some you didn’t even know existed. No politician, movement, or third party can save; only you can save yourself.

Here's how.

Deploy the right software stack to block 24/7 internet tracking (Hint: a VPN is not enough).

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, big tech has a very specific fingerprint of you. (4)

They manage to identify:

Your devicesYour browser.What tabs you got open.What accounts you're logged in to.Your internet habits.Your purchases.The type of content you watch.The girls you stalk on IG even if you do it from your phone.The accounts you follow, and you will follow (They can predict your actions with ease thanks to their 24/7 self-learning algorithm).

They have a scarily extensive dossier weighing gigabytes and gigabytes of info on you and almost everyone with a computer. It even includes your birthday and home address if you live in some areas of the world.

If you use cloud storage, they can read your files and even see your nudes.

In this section, you’ll learn how to:

Delete what they know about you.Disable tracking on almost all platforms and apps you use - for good.Prevent future intrusions in your life and privacy by using the “fake information” methodology and software stack I curate for myself and my friends.
Does this mean you have to go full Snowden and use obscure Linux laptops and put tinfoil on your router when you go to sleep? Not at all. The solution provided in this guide adheres to reality since it’s designed to adapt to the average human’s life (With something valuable to lose) and not tech nuts.

Become undoxable.

Big tech also poses another significant risk they cannot protect you from, and that’s something they can’t fix on their end - But you can.

Doxers and hackers constantly attack big platforms’ security flaws to reveal usernames, passwords, names, ages, and your location.

In February of this year, someone has already hacked 3.2 billion email addresses and passwords (5).

Someone getting your email and password isn’t the real threat; it’s what someone does with the information.

Once they know the right small detail about you, they can harm you in any way they want.

It doesn’t matter if you think it won’t happen to you. Or you think you’re “safe” with your current software stack. Because it can happen to anyone.

The worst part? You’ll never see it coming. Your whole world can be flipped upside down in a matter of hours, all because you didn’t protect yourself.

If you aren’t taking the right steps to protect yourself, you and your family are at risk, especially if you’re a successful man who doesn’t blindly follow society’s opinions.

Big companies aren’t even safe anymore. Yahoo email got breached twice (6); in 2012 and 2016, hackers stole 200 and 500 million identities from ordinary people. Would you trust Gmail to protect you when you can protect yourself?

Here's how doxing happens in four dangerously simple steps:

1. They use your name, username, or email to find matches in database breaches found in hacking forums you can literally Google.

2. They run what they find through search engines and discover other accounts, emails, or profiles.

3. They now use what they found and keep searching until they stumble upon your phone number, an old workplace, or contact.

4. They aggregate all that information and keep searching until they manage to find your real social media (If they haven’t already), home address, where you work, pictures of your family, and much more.

Most doxers aren’t blackhat Anonymous-tier hackers; they are ordinary people with above-average Googling skills.

All it takes is one tiny bit of information to open up the gates to revealing everything about you and your family.

That small piece of information is the weakest link in around 87% of internet users’ privacy defense.

In this section, you’ll learn to defend your privacy by going on the offense before they get you by:

Being able to wipe your presence from old websites you were registered in.Protecting all of your accounts with relays that provide false information while still delivering content to you.Becoming hack-proof with two simple apps.Blurring information about yourself in stubborn websites that won’t honor your deletion request.

You’ll become immune to doxing on the technical end.

Best case scenario, your real identity won’t be exposed through internet breadcrumbs that can be traced back to you.

Worst case scenario, an almost unrecognizable version of your real identity will serve as a decoy of you, so you can't be stalked.

Surviving cancel culture and government harassment by knowing when to blend in with the average crowd - Even if you’re above them.

After the Capitol riots, the FBI managed to identify, target, and arrest hundreds of people. One of them betted $200k and lost not only that but his freedom and probably his marriage.

Was this due to an unfair advantage the government had but we don't know about? Not really. It was thanks to something so simple, a no-brainer almost nobody takes into consideration unless you're in the army and deployed to a warzone.

And that is OPSEC in real life.

It is an example of how the slightest mistake can cost you a severely hefty price. And you don't have to storm Nancy Pelosi's office to get into serious trouble.

We live in an era in which OPSEC is crucial for anyone that isn’t a raving leftist.

In this section, I will distill the military’s tactics for becoming “The gray man” to appear innocent in every situation you’re exposed to the mob, the government, and anyone threatening your first amendment rights.

Here, you will learn when you can exercise your freedom of speech without repercussions and when to "fake subscribe" to the SJW narrative, and how to do both.

Flying under the radar of gold diggers and preventing getting your life ruined by #MeToo without lawyering up in exchange for thousands of dollars and your dignity (While still getting laid like a player).

Since 2019, up to 750 men get their lives, reputation, and careers put at grave risk thanks to evil, false #MeToo allegations pinned against them every year.

60% of men in high-paying careers are simply afraid to engage with women, even in innocent ways.

Most media outlets coerce men just like you to shut up about fake accusations and frame them as misogyny, fragile masculinity, etcetera.

Thanks to this, successful career men fear an emotionally-charged, female stupidity-fueled knee-jerk harassment accusation that will deploy the woke mob to ruin their lives and make them starve in unemployment.

Even “Celebrity” or “Establishment” guys like famed Alan Dershowitz were pressured by the blue checkmarks into accepting guiltiness even when the FBI cleared him from charges. (1)

If you're moderately successful, rich, or simply getting laid often (Or just plain unlucky), here's what can happen to you if you engage with the wrong female and fail to have proper OPSEC:

1. You get canceled on social media. It takes one blood-boiling tweet from a vindictive or greedy girl to make your name known for all the wrong reasons.

2. The woke mob decides to Google your name, reverse-search your picture, and find myriads of information that basically strips you naked in every aspect of your life.

3.Your privacy is officially gone. They harass your family. They contact your employer. They contact your university. They scorch your socials - From Facebook to LinkedIn with inflammatory, accusatory comments that they didn't even need to "fact-check".

4. You get fired from your job, and if we are realistic, fired from future jobs too (No company will risk hiring a #MeToo villain).

Bonus. You get charges pressed against you or sued (Or both).

If you don't survive, your future is basically over. Your social life is dead, with no chance of reviving it unless you move to another country.

If you do survive, the stigma and that "stain" on your reputation will be with you forever.

And if you're rich but unlucky, you'll get sued at least more than once for baseless claims (Legal bias against men is strong in western courts, and most of the time, the word of the "victim" is more than enough to get you to pay a settlement or go to jail for who knows how long). (2)

Oh, but girls are not over yet. You have to deal with gold diggers. These girls are easy to handle with the right behavior (And we will show you how); it's the cancel-trigger-happy girls you need to worry about.

In this section, you'll learn to employ simple but powerful ways to safeguard yourself from allegations from the moment you talk to a girl to the moment you're leaving her house before her boyfriend arrives. All in the most subtle way, like you were a Mossad spy.

You'll possess a cohesive arsenal of tactical moves you can use, from:

What "legally saving" things you should say to prevent a future pressing of charges.
What types of evidence (Beyond screenshots) have shown to save your ass from jail, getting canceled, and frivolous lawsuits.
How to conceal your identity when bagging girls from the club you don't plan on meeting ever again.
How to cover your tracks like it never happened.

And much more. This part is a collaboration between me and “sex-perienced” players. From finance pros with a career to protect to seasoned players that evaded multiple #MeToos before the thing even existed.

Failing to employ the right OPSEC framework will force you to join the 750 #MeToo social death-row inmates; all it takes is one girl with one bad intention.

By the way: Those 750 are the reported ones. Many, many more guys have fallen prey but never got to come forward about it due to pressure and humiliation.

A word of warning:

Knowledge is amoral, but what you do with it yields a whole spectrum of consequences you might not be able to handle.

This section is 100% focused on guaranteeing an un-problematic future and great peace of mind by knowing that your life is not one accusation away from catastrophe, poverty, ostracism, and getting hated on by half the city for no tangible reason.

Do not use this to try to get away with actual harassment and abuse of women.

One, you will get caught for reasons OPSEC can't save you from. I will not help you break the law nor escape justice.
Two, if you somehow manage to get away with it, you will get caught because you will do it all over. Again, it takes one accusation to ruin your life, but you can't OPSEC your way out of it this time.

Become immune to being liable for anyone, society’s expectations, hate, and constant financial demands from others with stealth wealth.

Staying away from the spotlight has the following life-saving and money-guarding benefits:

You’re less likely to get robbed, scammed, ripped off, or even kidnapped.

You’re less likely to attract fake people, lawsuits, and gold diggers angling for your riches.

You’re less likely to feel the pressure of normies wanting you to foot the bill for everything.

You’re more likely to enjoy a peaceful, safe life away from the sights of undesirable people (80% of society).

Flexing your shiny toys and flaunting your success has almost 0% upside to it. In fact, the only thing that goes up is your need for social validation, and with it, the changes that you become a target for leeches and parasites that will try to drain your bank account and life as much as possible. And lots of envious haters.

The correct way to attract the right people into your life (Other rich dudes also being stealthy) is not by acting like the average debt-ridden poor person with designer everything. According to the US Consumer Expenditure Survey (3), the 1% does not spend on designer items as much as middle class and poors wanting to look rich.

I get it; you still want that designer shirt and the expensive bag and the expensive meals and trips. That’s why in this section, you’ll learn how to enjoy the fruits of your effort (Or your dad’s trust fund money) by not by living like a beggar but by strategically concealing the dead giveaways of prosperity it’s in your best interest to hide.

Most “financial tips” blogs and accounts (Read: middle-class people giving bad advice) recommend living frugally and investing your riches so you can both hide your money and have a 2% growth in ten years.

This obviously defeats the purpose of stealth wealth and is plain stupid. This guide’s focus will be the opposite, and as a benefit, you’ll fully enjoy your money by addressing privacy instead of sacrificing your lifestyle.

Make money on the internet as the invisible businessman.

This is the most profitable section of the guide in the sense that it will help a lot of Gumroaders and Twitter merchants do business in private and maybe even tax-free (More on that below).

In January of this year, Gumroad announced that the platform would integrate with PayPal connect (7). What this means for creators is that Gumroad will no longer serve as a “middle man” between them and buyers. Meaning, people will know who’s receiving the money if sellers choose to directly deal with PayPal.

In this section, you’ll:

Learn how to create a PayPal profile that's designed for maximum anonymity.
Discover two underrated Gumroad competitors that allow you to block and blacklist people from certain countries (You know what countries I’m talking about).
How to integrate crypto payments as a second option you can enable alongside standard payment methods.
How to reduce piracy by automating “one-time links with product IDs” so you know who is a buyer and who is a leech.

As a special final bonus, you’ll learn about a specific bank law that allows you to evade tax completely legally up until a certain amount and how to exploit it. You only need PayPal and some research skills.

Here's what's included in the guide:

Chapter 1: Protecting yourself and going invisible on the internet like you were a CIA agent hacking Russia.

Chapter 2: Becoming undoxable by anyone from angry liberals to journalists to the actual government. Surviving the SJW cancel culture witchhunt when you’re built differently and they want you gone.

Chapter 3: Sleeping like Genghis Khan without the risk of getting your future ruined by #MeToo or your bank account drained by gold diggers.

Chapter 4: Primer on stealth wealth - Why flexing can cost you your time, your money, and even your life in the worst-case scenario (And how to fully enjoy your riches without becoming a beggar despite guru recommendations).

Bonus chapter: Becoming the invisible businessman with the toolkit that will keep you “unfindable” by most of the internet (Some 6-Figure per month affiliate accounts use some of these tools). How to protect your online income from getting banned with diversification (If you make money with organic content, this will save you from getting deleted and losing money every day like that C Johnson guy)..

The price won’t go up for now. It will be at a price point everyone can afford but that at the same time forbids poor people, leeches, and lazy losers from getting their hands on something that’s designed for high-quality people like you.

Lol price will go up on march 16th. I got greedy.

What famous Twitter personalities have said about this knowledge (Unedited):

JK Molina:

"I grew my account to 15 thousand followers only to lose it by a privacy mistake I wasn't even aware of.

9 months of work. Gone in minutes.

After meeting with Bronze and following the exact same lessons, you'll find in this course,

I was able to not only get it back in record time,

But to secure it so that I don't lose it ever again.

As of now, I'm at 17k followers and counting and feel like I have a safety net beneath me.

These are must-know practices if you're going to be conducting any kind of business online.

Can't endorse Bronze's expertise highly enough."

Art of Purpose:

"Anonymous accounts are the future.

In the age of Birdwatch, snitches, and generally awful people addicted to drama, I do whatever it takes to stay safe.

Bronze lays out his method. This guide will show you how to create an online Avatar. There is a process — an A to Z method. Learn the ways Bronze has created an intriguing online persona and leverage it to make money online.

Joe, Psypreneur:

"When I first started my business, I didn't care about opsec. I never thought about it. I thought I didn't have to worry about it since I wasn't making much money or living a lavish lifestyle. I was using my full name, where I went to college, and where I worked. I didn't think about that kind of stuff because I figured I wasn't worth the time for anyone to try to use that info to hurt me somehow.

Because of what I shared online, it would have been easy for someone to compromise my security and my livelihood. Also, I was doing ignorant things like reusing the same passwords and not caring about multi-factor authentication.

If someone had found one of my passwords, they could've easily gotten into my bank account and taken my money, or logged into my social media accounts and ruined the business I was building. It's incredible how seemingly small cracks can be huge openings for hackers...

Bronze taught me the importance of opsec. He guided me to protecting myself, my sensitive information, and my accounts in order to protect my livelihood. Since then, I've greatly increased my awareness of what information I can share online, and how I can share it. Thanks to Bronze, I learned that even if I'm not flashing Rolexes on social media, I could still be a target - and so I needed to be practicing good opsec to protect myself.

David Mendes:

"Before coming across online business and my friend bronze I would be pretty loose with my Internet use

After gaining a large following and suffering some consequences of sharing a bit too much info online, it became apparent to me the value of Opsec

I wanted to become more low-key and fly under the radar but I didn't exactly know how

Fortunately I had my friend bronze who thought me not only the ropes but the value of staying low-key on the Internet

Now, most of my info is either private or untraceable, I only share my moves with people that I'm really close with and I go to sleep at night knowing that nothing will happen to me

And this is mostly thanks to my friend bronze

Extremely grateful for all his help and support"

A transparency and quality guarantee.

My guarantee is that I will not whore you out for your money, unlike most Twitter sellers.

I won’t blast you with more upsells or down sells. There will be no “9 left”. There won’t even be email spam from me. If you wish, you can order this guide with a disposable email and a fake name.

The guide will be written:

In a Helvetica Neue size 11 font.
With thin 0.5 - inch page margins.
In 20 - 40 pages.
And no fluff whatsoever.
I might tell a story here and there to drive the point home. But that’s it. No bullshit, no aggressive marketing tactics.

Pre-order here.

Here’s the button to order.

You click on it, you pay, and you’ll receive a link to the inbox of your choice.

Questions frequently asked by prospects:

Can I take a sneak peek at the secrets?

Sure, I wrote this quick OPSEC cheat sheet you can immediately put to work for instant privacy and protection.

It's a superficial rundown of things, and it's around 10% of what you'll find in the full course. It got around 500 likes before getting banned by Twitter. Here:

Do I need to spend any more money besides the $149?

There are optional, paid resources that will help you vanish from the internet to a large degree and hide your identity from intrusive spammers, media companies, government agencies, doxers, and other hostile entities. Some of them require a simple yearly payment, some cost up to thousands of dollars.

How much is privacy worth to you? You decide.

If money is an issue, do not purchase this course. It will be of no use to you (It's aimed towards successful entrepreneurial types like me. Poor people will simply not benefit from this information).

Will you update the course?

Yes, but I will only update it when relevant, actionable information that serves a specific purpose in favor of your privacy shows up.

The guide will also be updated when customers request advice on a specific, urgent topic - Such as #MeToo.

Does this cover cybersecurity, cloud computing, IT security, etcetera?

No, this is not a tech-oriented course. Again, the purpose of this guide is to conceal the identity and lives of men with high income, high lay count, and high risk of getting harassed, doxed, canceled, etcetera.

I will only cover the technological aspects that are relevant to the purpose of the guide. Meaning no Linux tutorials, no hacking your router, no AWS, and no stuff that only matters to IT admins and Silicon Valley companies.

This seems like a lot of work. I just want to be safe. Do I have to spend hours making sure everything is right?

No. OPSEC is based on threat modeling. This means what bothers you won't disturb the other guy.

A billionaire's model will be different from yours, and yours will be different from another guy's, and that guy's model will be different from a drug dealer's.

The guide offers a plug-and-play system you can use how you deem best.

Some will not care about OPSEC when smashing girls; some will care about staying as anonymous on the internet as possible.

Example: Six-figure per month ClickBank affiliate accounts on Twitter who need to hide from their cutthroat funnel stealing competition.

Another example: People that are in danger because they have the “wrong” opinion, usually conservatives and Republican types.

And another example: People in super "woke" industries that need to voice their opinions without getting fired (See: James Damore Google controversy).

There is no universal magic solution, but there is a way to protect yourself as fast as one week
(Set and forget)_. This guide shows you how.

I already showed my face on the internet; why would I need OPSEC?

Say you're a famous Twitter guru from Texas.

We know that your name is John Butcherson, and you live in Austin.

Everything's fine so far - That's on your LinkedIn and your Instagram.

But imagine if someone knew your actual home address, your 7-figure income from eCom, who your mom is, where she lives, who you voted for (Let's hope you didn't vote for T-man, that would make some toxic people very angry), what's your real email address, where do you work and many more details.

Would you feel secure knowing that the most intimate details of your life will endanger your life, income, and the lives of the closest people to you if they fell in the hands of an evil hater, robber, or internet bully?

OPSEC is not about just being 100% anonymous for the sake of being anonymous. It's about concealing the details that matter based on what makes you and only you safe.

Will this protect me from hackers?

Yes. You'll learn how to secure all of your accounts on virtually any website and platform so your real information isn't exposed by data breaches or loophole-based attacks.

For example, every time you grant access to any app with Twitter or Facebook, you allow hackers to exploit the weak point and get into your account by the back door and then find your email address. You already know what comes next (Full doxing!).

This is one of the handful of ways people get hacked. You'll learn to tackle most of them with one single method.

I already made some OPSEC mistakes; can I still be protected?

Yes, for the most part, you can reverse privacy-hurting mistakes and delete evidence and traces of things you don't want others to see. On the other hand, if these mistakes have had real-life effects - such as a public scandal - all this guide can do is prevent future embarrassing emergencies like it.

Will this teach me to evade taxes?

No, since tax evasion is an entirely different field that requires expert advice from people with skin in that game. In essence, an accountant.

Taxes vary by city, state, country, and even enterprise. The tax burden eCom guys have will be different from agencies and thus require different tactics.

However, you will learn about a very simple concept you can find in most countries' laws that can hide your income from the government until a certain amount - And how to legally exploit it. All you need is a bank account and PayPal.

Isn't information widely available on Google enough?

Probably. Entire medical textbooks and accounting certifications are free on the internet, but that doesn't mean you will stop going to the doctor or calling your accountant.

This guide serves as an up-to-date, relevant, no-noise, straightforward compilation of solutions tailored to the needs of a specific group of people: Successful people.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

For the most part, no. But you will need to integrate some small habits into your life to fulfill your privacy goals and avoid getting targeted. Whether that's switching to DuckDuckGo or buying a second iPhone for trapping purposes, it's up to you.

How can I know if this is really for me?

If you asked this question, it's not for you. Please do not purchase this guide.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you asked this question, this offer is not for you. Please do not purchase this guide.

Can I have a student discount?

If you asked this question, this offer is not for you. Please do not purchase this guide.

Can I have any other type of discount?

If you asked this question, this offer is not for you. Please do not purchase this guide.

Can you talk about XYZ?

If a large section of readers requests it, I will add a special section on the topic if needed.

Can I become an affiliate?

Sure, you can join my other nine affiliates (As of now) for a 50% revenue share.

Reach out to me on Telegram at @Bronzevertising and send me your email address.

I pre-screen all applicants and won't accept everyone.

If you have high engagement and/or a decent-sized traffic source, chances are I will grant you affiliate rights (Unless I don't like you).

Did I solve your doubts?

Hope I did.

Here’s the button to order.

You click on it, you pay, and you’ll receive a link to the inbox of your choice.

Important legal disclaimer you need to read:

This guide is entirely for educational purposes. I am not liable for what you do with this information, and there are no guaranteed “results”.

Everyone’s life situation is different, and what you’ll learn will yield different outcomes based on who you are, what you do, what’s the situation, the economy, local politics, national politics, international politics, business trends, corporate policies, and business decisions taken by third parties. Use common sense.

Due to this, all sales are final. If you’re on the fence, please do not purchase this product.

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